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  KNOW EL: to know and love the divine presence within yourself

               My name is Rachel Noel Sanders, aka Know EL.

                I create because I find true joy in collaboration

                        and witnessing provocative beauty.

 I own an explosive passion for a wide spectrum of artistic endeavors.

  As an artist, curator, and director, I have worked and played within

                 the arts of theatre, dance, design, music, prose,

                     photography, styling and mixed media.

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Art is creation is life is art.

I fully believe in the transformative, therapeutic and meditative powers of the creative process.

I believe art saves lives.

I began my journey in arts about 25 years ago, when I was 6 years old. It has taken me nearly all of those 25 years to fully claim this as my calling. While my interests range widely and wildly, I have a deep and enduring passion for dance, music, writing, fashion, and film arts.

I live in Northern California and can be found performing up and down the Humboldt Coast. I co- teach belly dance fusion classes alongside the other members of my dance troupe, Zeta Fusion. I'm a commercial, lifestyle and art model, a singer/ percussionist with Hayal Middle Eastern Music Ensemble, and a go- go dancer with the Vagabond Dance Team. I serve as a board member for a three local non- profits- Redwood Model Collective, Redwood Raks World Dance Collective, and Word Humboldt poetry community. I'm also the coordinator and curator of ONLY SKIN DEEP: the show for artists of Indigenous, Pan African, Latinx, Asian and Mixed Heritage in Humboldt County. Other local organizations I've partnered with to uplift creators and build community include Cooperation Humboldt, Synapsis Collective, Arcata Playhouse, Black Humboldt, Humboldt County Black Music & Arts Association, Marz Video Project, Outer Space Arcata, and The Ink People.

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                             I vow to use my expressions to the best of my ability

                                      to speak and initiate meaningful conversations

                       about ourselves, our nature, life, earth and the universe.

          I vow to always work to understand art, so that I may be able to

                                              sensibly and effectively wield its power for

                                                                    positive change in the world.

                                            I will never stop searching for opportunities

                         to see more, meet more, create more and share more.

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