KNOW EL: to know and love the divine presence within yourself

My name is Rachel Noel Sanders, aka Know EL. I create because I find true joy in collaboration and witnessing provocative beauty. I own an explosive passion for all artistic endeavors, involving all mediums available to me. At one point in my life or another, I have worked and played within the arts of theatre, dance, design, music, prose, photography, paint, sculpture and sketch.

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I fully believe in the transformative, therapeutic and meditative powers of the creative process. I believe art saves lives. I began my journey in arts about 22 years ago, when I was 6 years old. It has taken me all of those 22 years to claim this as my calling and heart's desire. While my interests range widely and wildly, I have a deep and enduring passion for dance, music, writing, and photography. I live in Northern California and can be found performing on the Humboldt Coast as a solo dance artist and the singer/percussionist of the acoustic Middle Eastern band, Hayal. I am a sociology major studying at Shasta College and I work as a paraprofessional elementary school educator. I teach various dance classes for all ages and I'm currently working through my Yoga Teacher certification, as well as Birth Doula training. I'm a commercial, lifestyle and art model and I write for the POC- centered organization Black Humboldt. My recent accomplishments include debuting my photography for the first time ever at a curated art event in Los Angeles in 2018 and receiving a scholarship to study Middle Eastern arts at a week-long residency in 2019. So far this year, I earned 2nd place in the Fusion Dance category at the Hamilton International Bellydance Competition and graduated from Aubre Hill's Raqs Artist Project for dance mentorship. I've managed to perform pretty regularly online during the quarantine and produce my first dance shows, including ONLY SKIN DEEP: the show for dancers of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian and Mixed Heritage in Humboldt County, as well as two Holiday shows with Habibi Productions in Arcata, Ca.



I think that part of my mission in life might be to spread healing and provide comfort to weary hearts by helping others find and learn to use their inherent artistic tools.

Therefore, I vow to use my expressions to the best of my ability to speak and initiate meaningful conversations about ourselves, our nature, life, earth and the universe. I vow to always work to understand art, so that I may be able to sensibly and effectively wield its power for positive change in the world.

I will never stop searching for opportunities to see more, meet more, create more and share more.